Terms & Conditions 



A 50% deposit is due upfront to secure the production date/s with Context Films and to cover any hire and travel costs. The remaining 50% will be due before delivery of the final files. The final files will not be sent until the payment has been received in full.

In circumstances of a short booking and turnaround time, the full amount will need to be paid on the agreed date stated on the invoice. 

All required payments will be sent as a written invoice via email and are non-refundable once they have been paid.



The Copyright of all material that has been captured by Context Films Ltd is solely owned by Context Films Ltd and is protected under UK Law.

All footage filmed and audio recorded by Context Films Ltd is fully owned by and copyright of Context Films Ltd.

All footage/material/media can be used by them for any purpose they see fit including use in promotional purposes and on social media for Context Films Ltd and other companies they own without further consent from the client or people featured. The footage may also be sold by Context Films Ltd.

The client still owns the copyright to any intellectual property within the video.



It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that Context Films have clear access to all relevant locations required throughout the filming process. It is the sole responsibility of the client to arrange any consent forms required for all persons and locations involved.

If the location is outdoors we recommend organising a backup location for somewhere indoors or undercover. If the shoot day is postponed due to bad weather the client will still be responsible for all equipment hire and travel costs.


Turnaround Time

We aim to have the first version of the video to you around 6 weeks from the shoot date. The turnaround time can vary depending on the size of the project. If you have a sepcific delivery date in mind please make this clear to us before the beginning of the project. We will confirm with you a proposed delivery date upon booking. 


Post Production Process

Stage 1

We will send you the “Draft 1” around 6 weeks from the final shoot day

  • Draft 1 will not be colour graded and may have unmixed audio

You will then be able to send us any editing amendments you may have.

  • For amendments please provide timecodes and a detailed description

  • We will carry these out in a prompt manner but the turnaround of the revisions will vary

  • We will do everything we can to carry out all your requested amendments however if for some reason any of these amendments are not possible we will explain to you why and try to find a solution that you will be happy with.


Stage 2

We will then send you “Draft 2” 

  • If you did however have any further editing amendments please make them known at this stage as it is harder to change any edits in the colour grading process.

Once you have approved all the changes we will move on to the next stage  


Stage 3

This is the stage where we colour grade your footage

  • We pay close attention to your references and make sure that the grading reflects the style of your project

We will then send you “Draft 3” which will be fully colour graded

  • We strongly recommend reviewing the colour grading on a good quality screen to give you a true representation of the colour. Most Apple products are reliable for this. On computers/laptops we also strongly recommend viewing the video in a VLC media player as this doesn’t affect the colour in playback unlike Quicktime or Windows Media Player.

You will then be able to send us any revisions for colour grading 

  • Again please provide timecodes and a detailed description

  • You can also include pictures or screengrabs as references

Once you have approved this stage we move on to the final stage


Stage 4

We will deliver your full resolution project to you via Wetransfer, we recommend using a computer and saving the files somewhere safe. Although Wetransfer is supported with mobile apps we cannot guarantee delivery to mobile devices.

  • We will include a Youtube, Facebook, Instagram file

  • When uploading please use the correct file type as this will ensure the playback is of the highest quality. If you have any questions about this please get in touch.

  • Please credit @contextfilms when posting your project online on all platforms



In all instances Context Films Ltd will reserve the right to remove any of its videographers and / or equipment from a location if it is deemed unsafe or if they are subjected to abusive, aggressive or upsetting behaviour. In this instance the client will be liable for any costs incurred as a result of this. Context Films Ltd will observe the client’s site safety rules at all times and will liaise with the Health and Safety Manager if deemed necessary.

If at any point the videographers are made to feel uncomfortable or feel that they or their equipment are at risk, filming will immediately be aborted. No refunds of payment will be provided.

In the event of a client or guest being aggressive or abusive before, during or after the production, Context Films Ltd will take this as full cancellation of the contract. No further work will be carried out and no refund will be given.



Travel costs will be added on to every project. This covers fuel, parking, public transport and any accommodation if applicable. This fee will be added to the invoice and where possible an estimated value will be agreed upon booking if requested.


Creative Brief

Unless otherwise agreed, the client accepts Context Films decisions on creativity within the service. We promote a collaborative experience when working with any client and tailor our service to suit the best interests of every project.


File Storage

Due to storage we can only keep your original files up to 3 months after completion of the project. If you require us to keep the files for future use we can arrange additional storage of your files and project. This may incur a fee depending on the size of the project files. 

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