Context Films

Now you’ve got your photos, here is a brief guideline of how best to use them!

As standard we deliver your photos to you in web friendly sizes. These file sizes are around 3000mb-6000mb and are ideal for posting on all online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

If you require are larger file size for the photos, for example if you are using them for print or need to blow up the images, please get in touch and we can advise on the best options for this.

Please do not add any filters or effects when posting the photos online. A massive part of what we do when creating the photos with you is how we edit and give the photos their look. We always make a conscious effort to style the photos to what works best for you and your brand and also reflects your references.

When posting the photos please make sure to include a credit, this is something that helps us out massively.

Our social handles are:
Facebook - @contextfilms
Instagram - @contextfilms
Also if appropriate, our website is

We will also tag you or your band/company etc. too to help cross promote!

Thank you for working with us!

Greg & Emma