We spend time at the beginning of the process to understand your goals for the project. We gather information and details about your organisation your aims for the video to then decide the best approach to suit your needs.

Throughout the whole process we make sure the project is aligning with your ethos and matching your brand presence but most importantly tailored to connect with your desired audience.

Strong communication is fundamental to any project and we are available through email, phone call, video chat or meeting up in person to discuss and develop your ideas.


We take care of the preparation and organisation to make sure the production runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our team can handle all aspects of the production to align with your budget from sourcing locations, actors, props, scripts to scheduling, deciding what crew is required and what gear we will need to use making sure we have the right tools for the job.

Before the production stage we prepare the gear and communicate with the team to make sure everyone is all set for the production.


This is the exciting stage where we work with you to film the project and all of the planning and preparation come together! The size of the crew and the numbers of days can vary depending on the size of the project but our attention to detail and commitment to achieving the highest quality never changes.  

On the day we make sure we are as efficient as possible whilst making sure everyone on set is relaxed and having fun. We are strong believers that everyone is at their best when they're having a good time.


Once the production is complete we move onto bringing it all together. We store and sort through all of the footage to pick the best bits. We then start on assembling the project and putting together the edited videos. We keep you updated throughout this process and supply draft versions online through a private link. We mix the audio and apply any effects or text to make sure the video flows and delivers the information. We then colour grade the footage to give it the look that suits your brand and organisation.

Once all the post-production is complete we then send you the final files online, either through Wetransfer or Dropbox. We are always on hand to give any help and advice for posting your final video online. The very last thing to do is for everyone to celebrate a job well done!