Actors' Showreels



As an actor, showreels are an essential tool to present you at the best of your ability to agents, casting directors, producers and directors. As a production company,  when casting for any role, a showreel is always the first thing we look for and is often the deciding factor in who we cast. We love working with actors to create outstanding showreels that help them get the work they deserve. 

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Pre Production

We are currently offering our showreel services at a discounted rate which covers all filming and editing. We ask that you provide the locations, props and costume for the individual scenes and recommend the filming locations are no more than 30 minutes away from each other to maximise time on the day.


Shoot Day

On the shoot day we use a two-person team to cover all filming and audio. 

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We like to work in a relaxed and creative environment which allows you to perform at your best. All our showreels are filmed with high end equipment so your scenes look and sound stunning, ultimately showcasing your acting to the best it can be!

We can shoot up to three scenes in one day, in three separate locations. We spend time on each scene to make sure we capture a variety of angles to give your scenes a cinematic edge and really help tell each scenes story. We also don't limit the number of takes per scene as our priority is to capture the best of your performance. 

We promote a collaborative environment when filming with you and greatly value your input in how we shoot each scene.


Editing & Colour Grading

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Once we have filmed your scenes we get to work editing your scenes and mixing the audio, we ask for feedback throughout this process, making sure you are happy with the edit. The last step is colour grading the scenes to give them "the look", this really helps to make your showreel stand out! 


Showreel with 3 Scenes - £300

Individual or Additional Scenes - £150

Scene Writing

We are really happy to offer personalised scene writing from our writer, Samuel Lane.

Samuel will work with you to create scenes that suit your casting whilst showcasing your acting abilities and complimenting the other scenes to create a varied and engaging showreel.


Showreel with 3 Scenes - £60

Individual or Additional Scenes - £25